Our life’s journey can be long, tedious and tiresome and look for rest and relaxation.

And isn’t that what summer vacation is designed to give us? This is some kind of break-time
for us. But that is definitely NOT a break-away from the Lord. There is no such thing as time-out from the Lord! This is why even when we travel or go on vacation we can always find time for God! We even have announcements on how to locate the nearest church and when masses are celebrated. Now what excuses can we make not to participate in Sunday worship?

Our Eucharistic celebrations are vital to us. We know that the Mass offers us opportunities for our spiritual growth. And to many of us the mass has become a routine part of our lives. It means so much to us. But then that does not always happen all the time. We go to church and we have babies crying, readers falter, homilists cease to inspire; and other kinds of disruptions which can prevent us from fully participating in the celebrations. And to some going to church is more of a fulfillment of an obligation. We have lost that sense of wonder; we have lost the mystery. The miracle of Communion feeds neither our hearts nor our souls because we have lost our sense of awe.

We are being fed and nourished by the Bread of Life. Our Lord shares Himself to us and He becomes present to us in some very personal ways. And now we have to remind ourselves that having fed by the Bread of Life we have to share our gifts and treasures with our families and communities.

Jesus – the Bread of Life – supplies us with the food we need for our life’s journey.
He sustains us during those moments when we feel tired and worn out.

Rev. Fr. Reynaldo A. Domagas

This reflections on the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time appears in the Sunday Bulletin of Our Lady of Victory Church, Manhattan, New York- August 12, 2012.

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