We Are Wounded Healers

We often ask the question: “How can a good God permit evils like poverty, AIDS, holocausts, and terrorist attacks, and all the bad things happening in our world?” Today’s passage from the Book of Wisdom defends the goodness of God, stating, “God did not make death, nor does he rejoice in the destruction of the living.” Our God is a God of life, whose will for us is that we should have more abundant life.

Jesus accepts us as we are. We turn to him for healing in our lives. As Christians we believe that Jesus continues to heal us through his instruments in the medical profession like doctors, nurses and medical technicians. Hence when we go to a doctor, be sure to offer a prayer to Christ The Divine Healer so that we may choose the right doctor who makes the correct diagnosis and prescribes the correct treatment and the right medicine. Let us not forget the truth that over and above and beyond the ability and skill of the greatest human healer, Christ still works wonders of healing. Let us also thank God for the great gift of health and use it for helping those who are sick.

We are all called to become healers. When a friend or family members become terminally ill, the skill of the doctors and their advanced medical tools often become powerless. What the patient needs in such a situation is our care, concern and prayerful presence, enabling them to experience through us the love, compassion and mercy of Jesus. We do our share of Christ’s healing mission by visiting the sick, by praying for their healing, by boosting their morale by our loving presence, words of encouragement and inspiration.

Henri Nouwen wrote a book entitled “The Wounded Healer”. Let us remember that in the midst of our wounded-ness we can touch the lives of other people and can also bring healing. Our Lord Jesus showed us how.


Fr. Reynaldo A. Domagas
(*Reflections on the readings for the 13th Sunday. The article is published in the Sunday Bulletin of Our Lady of Victory Church, New York City – July 1, 2012.)

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