The Feast of “Corpus Christi” is the celebration of the abiding presence of a loving God, so that we, His Church, may offer collective thanks to our Lord living in us in the Eucharist. The Eucharist teaches us the importance of community, the bond that results from this sacrifice. Just as numerous grains of wheat pounded together to make the host/bread, and many grapes are crushed together to produce the wine, so we become unified in the Eucharist. Our Lord chose these elements in order to show us that we ought to be united with one another and to allow and work with the Holy Spirit as He transforms us to be united to Him. Christ is the head and we are the body; together we are one. That which unites us is our willingness to make sacrifices and share our gifts with others. This is symbolized by our sharing in the same bread and the same cup. Hence, our Holy Communion – when we partake in the Body and Blood of Christ – should strengthen our sense of unity and love.

All three readings peak of a covenant. The covenant proclaimed by Moses established a certain relationship between Yahweh and the Israelites. He was their God and they were his people. At the Last Supper Jesus announced a new covenant, a new relationship between God and his people. It would depend not on law but on love, because it would depend on the blood that he would shed out of love for us. In our celebration of Mass when we break the bread and eat it, we share his body that was broken. When we drink of the cup, we share his blood that was poured out for us. We are reminded of how much He loves us, and we are inspired to return that love.

These days there are talks and discussions regarding the amount of foods and drinks that we take. There is so much junk food that can lead us to obesity and unhealthy eating habits. How about feasting on the Body and Blood of Christ? Let us continually take part in the Eucharist and be nourished by the love of God. This is our spiritual food and our sustenance for our life’s journey.
Our Lord gives us His own Body and Blood so we can also share ourselves with each other.

Rev. Fr. Reynaldo A. Domagas
(*Reflections of the Readings for Feast of Corpus Christi – published in the Sunday Bulletin of Our Lady of Victory Church, New York City, June 2012)