GIVE ME…or Give up?

You may perhaps remember the jingle from that commercial that was shown on Philippine television for some years. It was called “BILMOKO” and it depicted the young lady going out on dates with her boyfriend and asking him to buy her this and buy her that (“Bil’mo ko niyan!!….bilmo ko nito!!”).

Sometimes our prayers have also that same kind of tone — “Lord, give me this…give me that!”

What would we be asking from God if asked what we really would like or need? What are some of the things we value in life? There have been occasions when we thought we have made a good deal and we have found such good bargain and then to realize that it is really not worth all that we spent. And again how often have we
collected treasures that we really do not need.

The parables in today’s Gospel suggest that the Kingdom of God is present already but not readily perceived. We have to work hard to discover it. For only the wise discover it and sacrifice everything in order to possess it. Solomon in his wisdom did not request for health or wealth. He asked for Wisdom – for a heart that understands and listens.

We would do well, like Solomon, if we were to ask for what endures and is of value for ourselves and for others. Wisdom enables us to discover and readily see the Kingdom of God that is already in our midst and challenges us to continue searching for that true treasure.

Today we are invited to consider what we desire and what we are willing to give in exchange. The choice will entail making some risks. The Gospel points to the treasure God wishes us to have. And if we are wise we will begin to seek and also give up all so we can attain the true and lasting treasures.

Rev. Fr. Reynaldo Domagas

Reflections on the readings for the Seventeen Sunday in Ordinary Time.
Parts of this article appears in the Sunday Bulletin of Our Lady of Victory Church
in Manhattan, July 24. 2011.

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