We celebrated Easter Sunday – the feast of the Resurrection of our Lord. And as we moved from Lent to Easter it is good to remind ourselves of that new life in us. We have experienced spiritual rebirth. We have overcome sin and evil in our life and we have made some progress in our spiritual journey. We also have witnessed the beauty of spring around us.

We remind ourselves that we are Easter people and Jesus’ resurrection is central to our faith. Today we hear how Jesus gives the gift
of peace. It is an astonishing gift for the disciples who had denied, betrayed, and abandoned Jesus, It is an astonishing gift for the people like us who have failed by what we have done and left undone. And to us all the Easter message is God sharing His love to us in many ways. The risen Christ shows the disciples his hands and side and as signs of divine mercy and love for the world. It is the same love that He has shared it with the apostle Thomas, the late John Paul II, Sister Faustina, and the many holy men and women. This love must be accompanied by faith. And each day we pray for an increase of faith. We ask that our faith be strengthened and renewed, and that we continue to persevere in our mission to proclaim God’s message to others,

Jesus sends us on a mission to proclaim that He is risen and that
He continues to be present in our world. We have been given life by the Spirit and we celebrate the resurrection joy for fifty days and every day.

Rev, Fr. Reynaldo A. Domagas

(The reflections on the readings for the 2nd Sunday of Easter appears in the parish of Our Lady of Victory Church, Manhattan, May 1, 2011)

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