How wonderful to see loving and caring families!

In Nazareth the Child Jesus experienced the love and care of Joseph and Mary. It was a home where He was provided with shelter and protection and spiritual care and nourishment.

Our homes are not always perfect. It is hard to find one perfect home. Nowadays we see movies and TV shows that frequently portray dysfunctional families and broken homes. Some of our family members can be irritating and annoying. And there will be inevitable conflicts, disagreements and disputes among family members that are unresolved and thus may create resentment and separations.

A good peaceful home brings us joy and happiness. Here we experience love, care and kindness. We look forward to coming home and spending time with our family members. And let us not forget that we all have our responsibilities to fulfill in order that we can fill up our homes with peace and joy, harmony and love. Parents and children, spouses, in-laws, relatives and extended families – they help in building the home. The things that we do as a family, such as our family meals, family prayers, family activities like sports and games, reunions. outings and other family traditions – all these enable us to strengthen our families ties.

How often we get to enjoy the warm welcome of other families inviting us into their homes. We also experience the closeness to one another in our spiritual home (our church). God welcomes us all into His Holy Family. Let us welcome others into our homes and into our hearts.

Fr. Reynaldo A. Domagas

(This reflection appears in the Sunday Bulletin of Our Lady of Victory Church, Manhattan, New York, December 26, 2010)

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