FULL or Fools?

It is said that a person who is full of himself or herself will not have any room for God. As disciples of the Lord we have to constantly look into our relationship with God and remembering always that we can do nothing without Him.

It is important that we remain faithful to Him and to follow His will. And as the Disciples of Christ we are called to be servants. We are not to seek worldly honors. We are to be stewards of the resources and treasures we have been given in this world. We are not to work for praise or reward. And often we do what we do with the expectation of being noticed and rewarded. And we become frustrated because we feel unrecognized, underpaid or unappreciated. We cry out to God in our moment of distress.

At times we feel like Habakkuk who sees only injustice and violence around him and he does not see how God is present. Let us not forget that no one ever rewards the servant more richly than Jesus who feeds us with his Body and Blood, nourishes us and nurtures us spiritually, and leads us to share in His divine life. Jesus reminds in the Gospel of the kind of attitude we should have in our work in building the God’s Kingdom. We can do this if we put our focus not on ourselves, but on God.

Rev. Fr. Reynaldo A. Domagas

(This reflection on the readings for the 27th Sunday in Ordinary
Time appears in the Parish Bulletin of Our Lady of Victory
Church, Manhattan – October 3, 2010)

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