We have lost some valued possessions. We also have lost family members and friends and loved ones. And whenever we lose that which is so dear and important to us we immediately begin our frantic search. Go back to those moments when you had to search endlessly for that missing cell-phone or that newly bought expensive gadget. We have also been told many times that these items can be replaced (and perhaps with a newer and better one!). But still we do not give up till we have found whatever we have been missing.

It is not only material things that we continue to lose. Talk about losing relationships, losing temper (losing one’s cool!), losing one’s mind, losing memory or other senses, and also losing financially. It can lead to more troubles and unhappy life.

God is constantly looking for us. And whenever we are lost and have gone astray from Him He searches for us. And He does not give up! He takes us back and He leads us to the right path.

How often we have lost our connection with God. We have to constantly search for God in our life. He is actually there – but because of wrong priorities and mixed-up values we just do not see Him well enough. He seems to be lost in our lives. We have to look harder and search for Him. He can be right there next to you – but you are looking at the wrong direction. He is speaking to you but you do not listen to His voice.

Amazing indeed is God’s grace! Whenever we find our way back to God we bring Him joy because we are valuable to Him.

–         Fr. Reynaldo A. Domagas

(This reflection on the reading for the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time appears in the Sunday Bulletin of Our Lady of Victory Church in Manhattan, New York – September 12, 2010)

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