Incorruptibles and Relics: St. Sebastian’s Arrow

One of the arrows that struck St. Sebastian

I thought it would be a good incentive to keep track of incorruptibles and relics that I wish one day I would be able to see and touch.  Today, I came across the “The Roman Sacristan” blog with a picture on the left.  Framed is one of the arrows that struck St. Sebastian, a popular Roman Martyr of the 3rd Century.  There is also a part of the column kept in the Basilica where the saint was tied to during his martyrdom.

San Sebastiano fuori le mura

The Basilica known as San Sebastiano fuori le Mura is located outside the Aurelian walls along the Appian Way.  It was built on top of a catacomb, believed to be a temporary resting place of the remains of the apostles Peter & Paul before they were transferred the to two basilicas that carries their name.  Aside from the arrow in the basilica is a stone believed to be carrying the footprint of Christ related to the biblical “Quo vadis?”.

Quo Vadis

The picture of the white stone here is the one that I took in the Church of Quo Vadis, a bit of a walk from the Basilica, believed to be the spot where Peter, fleeing from Rome, have met Christ; the spot where the famous “Quo vadis?” was uttered. Had I known that this Basilica is nearby I would have had tried to endure the heat and walked further down to see this magnificent Basilica…hopefully next time and soon.

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