Pro-Life Philippines Asks Support for Cong. Roilo Golez’s Bill on Protection of the Unborn

Greetings in the name of Jesus Christ!

In lieu of our strong campaign against the call for legalizing abortion as well as the ratification of the Reproductive Health Bill, PRO-LIFE
PHILIPPINES FOUNDATION, pledges its support for Parañaque Representative Roilo Golez’s House Bill 13 better known as “An Act Providing for the Safety and Protection of the Unborn & for Other Purposes”

This bill acknowledges the unborn child as a human being with human personality and extends the mantle of legal protection to the child from
the moment of conception. The bill also aims to promote the right of the mother and the children most especially the unborn child to assistance
including proper care and nutrition, special protection from all forms of neglect, abuse, cruelty, exploitation and other conditions prejudicial to
their development.

Attached is the soft file of the House Bill no. 13 & Petition Form. Please Print the petition form and give it to your parishes organizations &
communities for them to sign. Kindly send it back or bring the signed petition at Pro-Life Philippines Office San Lorenzo Ruiz Student Catholic
Center2486 Legarda St. Sampaloc, Manila

Click the link below and sign-up our on-line petition

Support Cong. Roilo Golez’s House Bill 13.
“An Act Providing For the Safety & Protection of the Unborn Child & for Other Purposes”

Disseminate the link and have students, faculty, staff, sisters, parents, parishioners and your friends
sign up the petition. We hope to gather a million signatures to support this Pro-Life Bill.

Thank you very much,

Pro-Life Philippines Foundation Inc.
Tel. 7337027/ Fax 7349425
CP 0919-2337783

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