The Catholic Layman…in the Public Square

I found this interesting blog today.  It is not only comforting but also encouraging to find another fellow Filipino living the Royal Priesthood that was bestowed upon us when we were baptized.  He is an inspiration.  Although I may not agree completely to what he said about the Traditional Latin Mass, that “the Old Rite of Mass expresses the fullness of the Catholic Faith and the Sacrificial Nature of the Mass”, wherein the seeming implication is that the Novus Ordo doesn’t, I believe that both does.    It is more likely, since I share the same sentiment, that what he was trying to say is that the Old Rite of Mass does for him what the other doesn’t.   I personally believe that it is only a matter of preference.   In any case, his blog proves to me that truly the Holy Spirit is at work behind the Motu Proprio, SUMMORUM PONTIFICUM.  The Church is without a doubt universal in all ways.  May God continue to bless this “[The] Catholic Layman…in the Public Square,” as always.

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