Church Etiquette Basics

1. Come to church on time for Mass.

2. It is never correct to skip the Liturgy of the Word (Readings). Before being fed at the table of the Eucharist we need to be fed at the table of the Word.

3. Private devotions and Mass don’t Mix. If you want to say a prayer to your favorite saint or light a candle, please wait until after Mass. The same goes for the rosary. It is a beautiful prayer and its recitation is encouraged but not during Mass.

4. Even though we might be strangers to each other, that is no excuse to be self-absorbed as to ignore the sensitivities of others. As the Acts of the Apostles reminds us, “The community of believers is one heart and body…the body of Christ.”

(Thanks to Fr. Reynaldo A. Domagas of the Church of Our Lady of Victory, 60 William Street, NYC)

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