“In life there are winners and losers…”

In life there are winners and losers.  The winners will admit that their spiritual battles have not always been easy.  They also remind us that we will not always be successful in our fights in conquering sin and evil  There will be ups and downs; we will experience setbacks whenever we try to do better in life.

Paul and the woman caught in adultery were losing until they realized that conversion is the necessary step in order to experience the new life that our Lord offers.  The prophet Isaiah spoke of how we are protected by our God.  He makes us strong to win.  The scribes and Pharisees have been on the losing side, constantly missing the point because they were more preoccupied with looking for occasions to attack and criticize our Lord.

During this Lenten Season we experience spiritual renewal and rebirth by your prayer and penance.  We have died to our old sinful ways and now we have come to the springtime of our spiritual life.

We will continue to win our battles over sin and evil.

We will Continue to choose life over spiritual death.

We will be challenged by the words of our Lord —

“Go…and from now on do not sin any more.”

(Fr. Reynaldo A. Domagas is a Parochial Vicar at the Church of Our Lady of Victory at 60 William Street, NYC)

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