10yr Validity of Marriage Proposed in the Philippines

A party list group in the Philippines called 1-Ako Babaeng Astig Aasenso (1-ABAA) representing separated and abandoned women are proposing the enactment of a law that will put an expiration date on marriage. A 10-yr validity to help incompatible couples from the expenses of legal proceedings. According to them marriage should be like that of a passport or a driver’s license that expires if not renewed. Here are a couple of articles about the proposal.

“MANILA, Philippines – A party-list group representing separated and abandoned women proposed yesterday the enactment of a law that will mandate a 10-year marriage validity to spare incompatible couples the expense of lengthy legal proceedings before their marriages are annulled.  The women’s party-list group 1-Ako Babaeng Astig Aasenso (1-ABAA) said that marriage licenses should be similar to passports that could be renewed, but marriage licenses should have an expiration period of at least 10 years. Failure to renew the license would automatically render the marriage null and void…” – Philstar.com

“Under its proposal, a woman (and/or her husband) who have been validly and legally married — meaning that they are both 18 years of age or older who have freely given their consent in a marriage ceremony held before an authorized solemnizing officer and at least two other witnesses after obtaining a valid marriage license from the local Civil Registrar — can automatically get out of such relationship and marry again simply because she or her husband or both cannot get along with each other anymore. They can do so by just waiting for the lapse of ten years because under the proposed law, the marriage license is valid only for ten years and unless renewed it becomes invalid. This women’s group is of the belief that since the license of their marriage is no longer valid and existing, the marriage solemnized under such license automatically ceases to exist…” –Jose Sison, Philstar.com

7 comments for “10yr Validity of Marriage Proposed in the Philippines

  1. Lilybeth Sia
    March 24, 2010 at 2:34 pm

    This is so refreshing….its such a relief to see a bright light at the end of the tunnel

  2. August 24, 2010 at 10:57 am

    This is a very liberating law if enacted, not only because it caters to the needs of most Filipino women caught in marriage at fault but also because it will counteract the “macho image” of most filipino men, because in the Philippines, a man can become like a muslim and have as many women in his life as he wants, and yet the marriage with the first wife cannot be invalidated, especially if the woman has no money to settle unsurmountable legal fees.

  3. August 24, 2010 at 11:23 am

    ABAA is certainly trying to look out for the separated and abandoned women but this is definitely not the way to do it. Not only this is demeaning to the definition of marriage but will open up more problems that often and always affect the women and children.

    wouldnt it give the men who are not faithful to their marriage an escape? what of those women who would like stay marriage but their husbands are not willing to do so? what would happen to their children?

    couples who are in “temporary marriages” basically say that their commitment for one another has an expiration date; that their love and dedication for one another may only be good for ten years…in a relationship that needs commitment, this is one way to ensure its own failure, by entering half-heartedly and always thinking that it will soon expire anyway, with or without children, without regards to the willingness of each other… each other’s promises is only temporary.

  4. k
    September 19, 2010 at 4:54 am

    i find the woman who proposed this bill as prudent……it’s easy for some to reject the proposal because they have a happy and satisfying marital life….. but how about those who are unfortunate? so selfish this people to confine their stand in their “ideal” point of view… in this country, it’s like second chance to be happy is only for rich people who can afford annulment……if you’re earning minimum wage, suffer in your entire life.

  5. September 28, 2010 at 1:15 am

    I think it is fair enough that this could materialized. It is not only the family and religion we look at but also for every individual to be happy… the purpose of marriage is to serve being happy… if we are not happy in our marriage then its purpose will be nothing. so its better that there are ways to set others free

  6. novs
    September 28, 2010 at 10:04 am

    i want some advice kindly help me. may anak na po kmi b4 kinasal.kinasal po ako nung 2004 sa municipal ng malabon then after ceremony nakita ko na mali ung name ko sa marriage contract so ccnbi ko sa nagpapasign na f ever pede namin pacorrect e2 agad para d na kmi gumastos so sabi punta kmi sa regestrar office right after but then d kmi pumunta pinag pabukas namin hanggang sa pnag pabukas bukas at umabot ang ilang months para madeside na pa correct at dhil sa umabot na ng ilang months naiicp namin 2 na may babayaran n kmi. that time nagwowork lang kmi as contractual at walang mag aasikaso dhil both bc. dumating po na mag aaral na ang anak ko sa age of 3 yrs old at gusto ko malipat or magamit nya ang apelyido ng kanyang ama dhil nung nanganak ako d pa po kmi kasal. that time d pa po ata pde ipaapilyido sa ama dhil hinahanapan kmi ng marriage contract, which is d pa po kmi married nung time na un. so 2006 or 2007 inayos namin ang marriage contract ng sa gayon ma legitimate ang anak ko at magamit nya ang surname ng father nya.hanggang sa naayos namin at nkagastos din kmi ang kaso nashort kmi nung time na ipa2legitemate na ang baby ko. so na stop nanaman po ang proccessing. hannganga sa nag hiwalay na kmi at nag decide ako mag abroad para matustusan ko ang needs ng anak ko.dhil ni 1 kusing walang sustnto natatanggap ang anak ko mula sa ama nya totally kmi pinabayaan like before na pinagbubuntis ko palang ang anak ko. nsa abroad na po ako ng malaman ko na may kinakasama na po syang ibang babae at ngaun may anak na cla, masakit pero kelangan tanggapin pero ang mas masakit at nakakapang hinayang nung pinaverify ko ang marriage contract namin eh naka file na. gusto ko po sana malaman f may validty or expiration ag kasal sa civil ngaun nagawa nya un na nagkaron ng family masakit tanggapin na ang ating pinagla2ban kong relasyon tuluyan ng walang pag asa na mabuo. na depress ako abroad and that time may 1 taong nag cheerup sakin at nagkaron kmi ng relasyon i know n its a sin.pero may maga2wa pa po ba akong ipaglaban ung dati f kung alam ko na na may iba ng familya, now na im happy to my present relationship we want and we decided to get married pero ang problema kasal na ako at nakarecord na sa nso ang file nung 1 kung asawa.f annullment ang pag uusapan which is the best way wala po ako or both parties financially at maybe it tooks a long time parmagkaron ng result.as single mom mas gusto ko pang bunuin at igugol ang oras panahon at pera para sa anak ko for her future at the same time wala po akong freedom for my self samantalang ang 1 masayang nagpapasarap ng buhay with another woman. hopefully matulungan nyo po ako. salamat and godbless you!!!

  7. marian
    April 5, 2011 at 11:15 am

    i agree with this… i am separated with my husband and i finally found the right one… i want to marry him but i can’t cause i am married with my x husband… Go 1-ABAA pursue this kind of law…

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