A Dysfunctional Justice System

When as a rule, the rich and the powerful are above the law, when certain famous public officials while strongly suspect of big crimes and gross foul plays have palatial homes and freely frequent expensive restaurants here and abroad, when well known public characters are altogether free and basking in social life and lights although strongly appended with the commissions of flagrant graft and gross corrupt practices, when therefore the local and national prisons are full of merely accused or actually convicted poor and helpless people – the conclusion is obvious: The justice system in the Country is dysfunctional.

When the suspiciously wealthy and the deviously influential lord it over the poor and innocent people, when those employing guns with goons through the use of gold are the considered frightful masters of the populace in certain municipalities, provinces and/or regions even, when individuals are afraid to tell the truth such that when they in fact tell it, they are made to live in fear and fright, when the symbolic “Lady Justice” carrying a leveled balance yet having one eye uncovered to see who is who – the conclusion of obvious. The justice system in the Country is dysfunctional.   Continue reading here.

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