Separation of Church and State

It is both funny and strange when the standard battle cry of “Separation of Church and State” is fervently and loudly invoked when certain individuals in tenure of a public office feel frustrated in their ethically questionable options or meet rejection of their morally bankrupt projects. This is exactly the sentiment and the counter-offensive of someone who should know better what the Philippine Constitution really provides and means. The real problem of such government officials is their futile wish for the bishops, priests and religious to act as if they know nothing, see nothing, and say nothing even when said public officials engage in unethical and/ or immoral plans, programs and projects. There appears to be the vivid desire to be exempted from the Commandments in the order of nature, to be over and above solid ethical norms and sound moral principles.

Recently, there was the loud and public lamentation made by the head of a government agency concerned, that sounded something like this: The CBCP has the blame in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases in the Philippines when its free condom gimmick during the last Valentine’s Day was censured by some bishops. Perhaps, just perhaps, the otherwise illustrious public official, does not know that condoms are not only supposedly anti-aids and contra-population items – but also, and specially so, gadgets that are pro-promiscuity, pro-infidelity, pro-immorality, pro-irresponsibility and other unsound value systems.  Continue reading here.

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