The Duel Between Sin and Grace

Sailing by Fr. Roy CimagalaOUR life can be described in many, endless ways. But definitely one way of describing it is the duel between our boundless capacity to sin and God’s infinite mercy. Somehow, the season of Lent highlights that aspect of our life.

Our sinfulness is tied to the way we use our freedom. Since our freedom has tremendous possibilities, our capacity to sin can also go without limits. There might be external boundaries of our sinfulness, but inside us we can recognize no borders.

I’m sure many of us, if not all, recognize this. Sometimes we get scared at the thought of what we can do, if not externally then internally. We experience what our faith tells us about our wounded nature—that we have some kind of an inherent attraction to evil. We call it concupiscence.

We many times go through the drama once expressed vividly in the Letter to the Romans: “The good which I will, I do not. But the evil which I do not will, that I do.” (7,19)  Continue reading here.

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