True Freedom by Bishop Pat Alo Mati of Davao

Encounters is Bishop Pat Alo Mati’s blog.  On his recent article Bishop speaks about the right definition of freedom.

Freedom is the freedom to do good, not the license to do evil. Even in sexual ethics, we do have to respect the normal course and result of the love between man and woman, which is life, a new human life with basic rights. These basic rights are life, liberty and property.  continue reading here

On another article he speaks about the responsibility of the legislators in regards to the RH Bill being proposed in the Philippines.  Definitely worth reading.

Legislators need to enact just laws based on nature and God’s laws, not on worldly motives of power and money. Hence, if their decrees go against natural law and God’s commandments, they do not deserve to be followed, because God is the supreme authority above all, who rewards with heaven or punishes the evildoers with never ending fires of hell.  continue reading here

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