The Beets and Booze in a Church

Yes.  The band, The Beets, played in a Catholic Church in Chinatown.   St. James Church on James Street in the city was the venue for their rock concert last Friday the 15th with other bands like Real Estate, Beach Fossils, and others scheduled for that night.  And yes, an open bar from 8-9pm.

Is this a new and upcoming trend for sacrilege?  It seems that the church is now being marketed as a new venue for rock concerts.   It is very sad and unfortunate that something like this would happen.  Let us offer our prayers as repentance for this despicable act and hopefully actions will be taken in order to prevent this from happening again.  Like what my good friend and brother in faith, Juan, had said, I too, felt so violated by what happened.   Juan is a Catholic Young Adult leader in New York leading DHT, Defenders of the Holy Trinity.  Please spread the word and ask for more prayers.  Juan  has a discussion thread here.

More pictures from the concert here.

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  1. February 1, 2010 at 2:54 pm

    Here is an update from Johnny of DHT.

    On January 30th, members of the community of St. James and leaders within the youth and young adult ministries of the Archdiocese of New York, met with Fr. Walter Tonelotto, pastor of both St. James and St. Joseph, for a holy hour in reparation for the offense committed against the Church of St. James.

    Fr. Walter lead us all in a rosary, offering his prayer intention for the youth and young adults of his community and those who participated in the rock concert of January 15th, that they may return to Christ. In his reflection to us all, Fr. Walter Tonelotto gave testimony of God’s love upon him and to the community, making a profound apology to our Lord and to his people for his mistake, and at the same time calling his people to see this as a new step in the right direction to giving true devotion to our Lord. Fr. Walter also shared with us that the person who organized this event begged Fr. Walter for forgiveness and asked Fr. Walter permission to submit a letter of apology to the community of St. James.

    Still, legal action is being taken by the group “Thomas More Society”, who is helping Fr. Walter Tonelotto and the St. James Community. Details can be found on their web site and through “Catholic Vote Action”

    Thomas More Society

    Coverage by Thomas Peter.

    As for the community of St. James, we witnessed a blessing of forgiveness, mercy and true love. Fr. Walter Tonelotto told us all that he plans to bring about a Holy Hour at St. James for the conversion of our youth and young adults in their community, for those that participated in the rock concert, and for the strengthening of the people of St. James. An extra step in the right direction as this can help parishioners who come to Mass daily and on Sundays, have another intimate encounter with our Lord Jesus.

    Present to support Fr. Walter Tonelotto and the community of St. James were Endless Grace (Represented by Cynthia Martinez, assistant coordinator of youth ministry in the Archdiocese of New York and a member of Ministerio Juvenil – Endless Grace was the first to announce to DHT the situation), members of Ministerio Juvenil (MJ), a member of Communion & Liberation, members of Young Catholic New Yorker (YCNY), a member of Corazon Puro, members of the Emmaus Bible study Community, members of La Nueva Alianza, and members of Defenders of the Holy Trinity (DHT).

    We ask you to pray for Fr. Walter Tonelotto, and the community of St. James, that God will strengthen them in their journey towards renewal.

    Juan Rodriguez “Arthanius”
    Defenders of the Holy Trinity
    St. Mary’s Church, 28 Attorney St, NYC 10002 / 646-262-3046

  2. lisa
    April 1, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    I am dissapointed in Fr. Walter for the treatment of the church of St. James by renting it for rock concerts. It is a total disgrace to our Catholic religion . I am a St. James school alumni and received my sacraments at St. Joseph. Fr. Walter and the Archdiocese should be ashamed of themselves. No wonder few people choose to go to church.

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