Co-Workers of the Truth 12/29

 Excerpts from Co-Workers of The TruthThe first Christmas carol of history, which determined for all times the inner harmony of Christmas, had no human origins – Saint Luke records it as the song of the angels who were the evangelists of the holy night: Glory to God in the highest, and peace on earth among men, those with whom he is pleased, those of good will.  This song sets a standard; it helps us understand what Christmas is all about.  It contains the key word, which, in our time especially, commands people’s interest more than just about anything else: peace.

The biblical term shalom, which is usually so translated, implies much more than the absence of armed conflict; it means the right order of human affairs, well-being -a world where trust and friendship prevail, where neither fear nor want nor treachery nor dishonesty is found.  Yet the song of the angels first lays down a precondition, without which there can be no lasting peace: God’s glory.  This is the message of peace at Bethlehem: peace among men results from God’s glory.  Those who are concerned about the human race and its well-being have to be concerned about God’s glory first of all. 

God’s glory is not some private concern, left to the personal choice of the individual; it is a public affair.  It is a common good, and wherever God is not honored among men, there man as well will not remain honorable.  The reason why Christmas affects the peace of man lies in this: because it has restored God’s glory among men.

From: Lob der Weihmacht, pp. 36f

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