Co-Workers of the Truth 12/04

Excerpts from Co-Workers of The TruthAdvent is not a sacred liturgical play, leading us, as it were, once again back on the path of things past and showing us, once again, in vivid pictures how it used to be way back then, in order for us to enjoy the present time of salvation all the more joyfully and blissfully.

Rather, we have to admit that Advent is not mere remembrance and representation of something of the past but that Advent means this present time, this our present reality: the Church here does not indulge in play but refers us to something that represents the truth about our Christian existence as well.   Part of the purpose of Advent within the Church year consists in reviving once more this awareness in us.  It should urge us to confront these truths, to admit the extent of our lack of redemption, which did not simply exist in the world at some time and perhaps still exists somewhere but which is a present reality within ourselves and within the Church.

The Christian existence, therefore, includes this as well: that we, out of the distress of our own darkness, like the man Job, dare to speak to God.  It also means that we do not think we could present to God only half of our existence and must spare him all the rest because it might grieve him.  No – to him in particular we may and must carry the total burden of our existence in complete honesty.

From: Von Sinn des Christseins, pp. 16ff.

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