Co-Workers of the Truth 11/17

Excerpts from Co-Workers of The TruthThe courage to recognize truth and the joy we take in it are fundamental marks of the Christian Faith.  It is through them that we come to understand once more the missionary mandate of the Church.  It is only through them that we again receive law and meaning: human beings need truth.  The world needs truth.  Without it our lives remain untrue and that means unredeemed.

The truth that is bestowed on us does not come from ourselves.  We cannot take any credit for it, but neither are we allowed to conceal it out of a false humility.  We deprive the world as it were of the most important raw materials that are essential to its life when we timidly bury truth like the hireling in the Gospel who buried his talent instead of turning it to profit.

Admittedly all human words by which we confess the Faith are always insufficient.  Hence it will always be possible to intensify and enrich them.  They are open to all the truth of the world.  But this limitation of human language and the insufficiency of our speech must not cause us to lapse into a relativism that rejects truth.  The true God has manifested himself to us in Jesus Christ and has shown us the truth: God wills the salvation by bringing the light of truth into the world.  We must reawaken this great mandate in ourselves; it must fill us with such joy that, as messengers of truth, we can be co-workers for the redemption of the world.

From: Roman Homilies, September 18, 1983

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