Theology in the City – St. Vincent Ferrer (NYC) Lecture Series

To believe well one must first reason well. This is the lesson of St. Thomas Aquinas. Consequently, faith becomes a challenge when reason fails to fulfill its prior duty, which is to separate truth from error. This lecture series is aimed at answering modern challenges to faith by examining the fundamental questions that rise naturally from human experience. When we think through these questions correctly, separating fact from fiction, we discover the rational foundation upon which the act of faith can be confidently made.

Free and open to the public, each lecture will begin at 7:00 PM in the St. Vincent Ferrer Church Hall.

I. The Question of God
October 6 – God’s Existence and Nature
October 20 – The Meaning of Creation
November 3 – The Meaning of Providence

II. The Question of Man
November 17 – A Being of Matter and Spirit
December 1 – The Gifts of Intellect and Will
December 15 – The Gift of Freedom

III. The Question of Jesus Christ
January 12, 2009 – Who is He?
February 9 – The Meaning of the Incarnation
February 23 – The Meaning of the Paschal Mystery

IV. The Question of Worship
March 9 – The Christian Culture of Worship
March 23 – The Meaning of Sacrifice
April 6 – The Sacramental Principle

V. The Question of Good and Evil
May 11 – Spiritual Warfare
June 1 – The Meaning of Law: Eternal and Natural
June 22 – The New Life of Grace

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