Co-Workers of the Truth 10/17

Benedict XVIThe Christian is a person who does not count the cost but does even more than is required of him – a loving person, who does not ask “How far can I actually go within the limits of venial sin while keeping clear of mortal sin?” The Christian is one who does not calculate but seeks only what is good. A person who is merely good, who is concerned only about behaving correctly, is a Pharisee; only the person whose behavior is not merely correct has begun to be a Christian.

That does not mean that the Christian is beyond reproach and never commits a fault. On the contrary, he is one who knows that he is imperfect and who is generous with God and man because he knows how dependent he himself is on their superabundant generosity. His is the generosity of one who knows that he is indebted to everyone, who can no longer attempt any action just because it will prove advantageous to himself – such generosity is the guiding star of the ethos that Jesus preached (cf.Mt 18:13-35).

The fundamental structure that we considered in speaking about generosity is, at the same time, the divine trademark of creation: the miracle of Cana, the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves are signs of God’s superabundant generosity, which is the essential mark of his activity, of that activity that squanders millions of seeds in order to save one living thing; that activity that squanders a whole universe in order to prepare a place on earth for the mysterious creature that is man; that activity that, in a last unheard-of generosity, goes himself to save that “thinking reed”, man, and to lead him to his goal.

From: Vom Sinn des Christeins, pp. 64-65

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