Co-Workers of the Truth 10/15

Benedict XVIWe are witnessing today a kind of meditation in which religion becomes a drug. Its object is to find, not an answer to truth, but a liberation from the burden and misery of each individual existence. Its object is to leave behind what is unbearable and burdensome in the reality of every day and to experience the allure of nothingness, the heightened nature of the unreal. Although the primary goal of such meditation is extinction of the I, liberation from the I, such religiosity is extremely egotistic.

It is not an entering into the challenge of a relationship but the letting-oneself-fall into the enjoyment of the infinite. This illusory path of liberation leads only to illusion, but illusion is not freedom. The freedom of Teresa [of Avila] – the freedom of one who had surrendered herself to the dialogue of love and made it the logos of her life – has a different aspect. It manifests itself in Teresa in the two fundamental questions of her century: the question about the certainty of salvation and the question about work.

From: Interpretation – Kontemplation – Akion, pp.12-13

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