Co-Workers of the Truth 8/29

Benedict XVIGod wills that all people be saved.  After all, he is the Creator of all and he loves what he has created.  He created men for life, not for death.  He created the world to exist, not to be destroyed.  The Creator is himself also the Redeemer.  But how does this redemption come about?  For this elementary question there is a basic answer: God wills that everyone be saved and come to the knowledge of truth.  Salvation is not to be separated from truth.  The Bible then, cannot possibly be saying that we must all do what seems right to us; when all is said and done, God cannot condemn his own creatures.  Such expressions are only apparently expressions of confidence in God’s goodness.  In reality, there is concealed in them a contempt for God and for mankind.  For they label human life as being, in the last analysis, indifferent: it becomes just a theater; actually, it matters not at all what we do.  Our own decision seem much too unimportant to be important before God.  Freedom from moral responsibility is not really thereby entrusted to men.  On the contrary, the ability to know the truth is thereby denied them.  But is it really worth God’s while to bother himself about such wretched creatures?  And what value can there be in salvation that is based neither on truth nor on true moral freedom?  The Bible sets a higher value on mankind.  It tells us that God created us for the truth.  The joyfulness of its message is precisely this: that we encounter in Jesus Christ the one genuine truth about God and ourselves.  If only we Christians were to find once again the courage to say this and to think it – what joy would dwell in us!  What joy would radiate from us!

From: Roman homilies, September 18, 1983


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