Co-Workers of the Truth 1/9

Excerpts from Co-Workers of The TruthWe see more here than just the family community of Jesus Christ; we see also how he transcends this community; how, at this festival for twelve-year-olds, he begins to break away from his family and enter into the public life of Israel and of the world.  We see more than just the obedience of Jesus; we see also his freedom. 

When his Mother says to him in the dialect of the region: “Your father and I have been searching for you in great anxiety”, he corrects her: “I have only one Father – him to whom this house belongs; and I am his Son in a different and more sublime way – a way that can sever family ties.” 

To set free, to let go, this applies to us, too.  It is our task to accept the God who makes himself known to us in ever greater ways.  To endure this “otherness” of God – and not just to endure, but to say Yes to him, to let ourselves be led by him whither we will not – that is the real, and often hardly endurable, Way of the Cross in our lives.  When we let ourselves be led whither we will not and where we at first see no meaning, it is then that he leads us out of our own ways and our own thoughts into his thoughts and ways and so into truth, into genuine fullness.

From: Unpublished homily, Cathedral of Our Lady, Munich, July 7, 1984

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