Give Them Food Yourselves

Br. Vince J. Celeste, FMS

The Gospel of Mark today speaks about the unconditional love of God that in Christ who himself manifested to us. Christ showed pity with the people who are lost, confused and hungry of the love that the world cannot just give. Even his disciples did not fully understand at first, but instead asked him to to send the people to the nearby villages to buy their own food. But Christ challenged them, “Give them some food of yourselves.” The word is “yourselves”. It is the same challenge of Jesus Christ to all of us.

Sometimes ,many of us complain, “We have none but only what is enough for the family.” Here, Christ is not only telling us to feed people literally but to love others unconditionally. The message is clear that our sacrifice becomes meaningful when it is served for the needs of others. Love is somehow defined as, “seeking the well being of others.” That is the Eucharist. When we start making our lives as manifestation of the love of Christ, we participate in the never ending Eucharist of Christ when we are blessed, broken and shared. We all eat and be satisfied; satisfied with the same love of our Father in Heaven, and that same love for those who don’t know Christ yet. It is a witnessing act when the Eucharist becomes alive in our everyday living; meaning, it doesn’t just end after attending Masses every Sunday but living it everyday with the people.

Reflected from the Gospel of Mark ( 6:34-44)

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