Theology of the Body- Times Square NYC

We meet this Wednesday…outdoors!

Our ToB Times Square discussion group meets next tomorrow, Wednesday, August 15th, at 7:00 pm. Let’s meet outdoors in Worldwide Plaza.If you can join us early, please pick up a sandwich at a nearby deli, and join us in the plaza for a pre-discussion meal. I’ll aim to be there from 6:30 pm onwards.  If the weather forecast worsens, I’ll send out an e-mail tomorrow afternoon, and we’ll move our discussion indoors.

Where in the World is Worldwide Plaza?  Worldwide Plaza, an outdoor plaza one block west of St. Malachy’s, is located on the north side of West 49th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. For a bird’s eye view, click here.

Reading assignment

At our meeting this Wednesday, we will discuss:

  • Audience 100: “The Sacrament of Redemption and the Indissolubility of Marriage”
    Presented by Pope John Paul II on November 24, 1982
  • Audience 101: Reflections on “Sacrament — Call to ‘Life according to the Spirit’”
    Presented by Pope John Paul II on December 1, 1982

These readings can be found in the new translation — now known by Pope John Paul II’s original title for the work, “Man and Woman He Created Them” — on pages 517-525.  For those of you who do not have the new translation of ToB, you can download the old translation of the readings at: (Audiences 101 & 102)

Please note that the old translation numbers the audiences differently.

Retreat…with the Sisters of Life!

The Sisters of Life have a number of great retreats planned for their beautiful Villa Maria Guadalupe Retreat Center in Stamford, Connecticut over the coming year.  For more info, please visit:

New translation of the Theology of the Body

For the new members of our group, please note that the new translation of the Theology of the Body by Professor Michael Waldstein is the official text of our group.  You can buy a copy of the new translation at a Daughters of St. Paul bookstore near you, or online at:

For information on further events of interest, be sure to visit:


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