Co-Workers of the Truth 7/22

Benedict XVI“Catholics have lost their sense of the sacral.” These words compel me to make a short digression. During Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day, under the pretext of a demonstration for peace, the mystery of the birth of Jesus Christ and the Catholic Liturgy were mocked in an intolerably vulgar manner. During the election campaign obsene remarks had already been directed, in the name of so-called art, against what Christians regard as holy. Even in Germany, thank God, it is forbidden to redicule other religions – Islam and Judaism, for example -in such a sordid way. It would seem, however, that what is holy for Christians is no longer considered worthy of such protection. At this point, therefore, I protest loudly and emphatically against the mockery of our Faith. The level of a society can always be recognized by what it deems worthy of protection.

In Germany, it is now essentialy only material interests that seem worthy of such protection. The genuinely human values of the individual, those that are the most vulnerable and, at the same time, the most sublime, do not seem to be considered worthy of it. But one thing must be clear: we can never expect that those who destroy the dignity of human beings, who degrade them, who trample underfoot what other people regards as holy, will ever respect and renew the human race. Those who propose or use violence are not demonstrating peace.

In conclusion, I should like to recall here the words spoken by the Holy Father in Bruhl during his reception by the President of the Federal Republic [of West Germany]: “It is…a very…far-reaching error for people repeatedly to confuse legitimate pluralism with neutrality of value and, in the name of a falsely construed democracy, to believe with more and more certainty that they can renounce ethical norms and the use of moral categories of good and bad in public life.”

From Zeitfragen und christlicher Glaube, p.52

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