Co-Workers of the Truth 6/29

Benedict XVIIt is not true that the Church has ceased to be Catholic. Nothing that is truly Catholic, nothing that is comfortable to Catholic belief, has lost its place in the Church, and we must all strive together to make that fact apparent to every person who joins the living congregation of the Church without clinging obstinately to his own preconceived idea of what is thereby entailed. Nothing can be preserved, nothing can be gained, by division. For when the very quality that was once the form of the Church is now used against her, it is no longer the same. It has been cut-off, has become the expression of someone’s own self-will and, in the process, has been profoundly changed. Only unity can be fruitful. Augustine has illustrated this with great forcefulness with respect to the experiences of his African homeland…He exclaimed to the Donatists: Even though you have all these: the same Amen, the same Alleluia, that means the same canon and same hymns, the same Credo, there is one thing you do not have: by rupturing unity, you have destroyed love; but it is in love that the Holy Spirit dwells, and without him you have but an empty form.

From: Ordinariatskorrespondenz, July 10, 1977

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