Co-Workers of the Truth 6/22

Benedict XVIWas the Council a wrong road that we must now retrace if we are to save the Church?  The voices of those who say that it was are becoming louder and their followers more numerous.  Among the more obvious phenomena of the last years must be counted the increasing number of integralist groups in which the desire for piety, for the sense of mystery, is finding satisfaction.  We must be on our guard against minimizing these movements.  Without a doubt, they represent a sectarian zealotry that is the antithesis of Catholicity.  We cannot too firmly resist them.  But we must likewise ask ourselves, in all earnestness, why such contractions and distortions of faith and piety have such an effect and are able to attract those who, by the basic conviction of their faith as well as by personal inclination, are in no way attracted by sectarianism.  What drives them into a milieu in which they do not belong?  Why have they lost the feeling of being at home in the larger Church?  Are all their reproaches unfounded?  Is it not, for example, really strange that we have never heard bishops react as strongly against distortions in the heart of the liturgy as they react today against the use of a missal of the Church that, after all, has been in existence since the time of Pius V?  Let it be said again: we should not adopt a sectarian attitude, but neither should we omit the examination of conscience to which these facts compel us.

From: Principles of Catholic Theology, pp. 389-90

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