Co-Workers of the Truth 6/17

Benedict XVITo be able to live, we must be able to say Yes to the thou of the other, to affirm his being there.  This Yes is a creative act, a new creation.  Biological birth is not enough: the individual can accept his own I only by virtue of the approbation of his being that comes from another – from a thou.  This Yes of one who loves him bestows his existence on him in a new and definitive way.  He receives from it a kind of new birth without which his birth will remain forever incomplete and will set him in opposition to himself. 

To confirm these words, we need only ponder the life history of those who have been abandoned by their parents in the first months of their existence and have never encountered a love that affirms and encompasses their life.  It is only the rebirth of being loved that completes our birth and opens to us the realm of meaningful existence.  This insight can help us to understand in some measure the secret of creation and of redemption.  It helps us to understand that love is creative and that God’s love is the power that created being out nothing that is the true “ground” on which all reality rests.  It also helps us to understand a little better that God’s second Yes, which was raised up on the Cross, is our rebirth and that it is only this rebirth that makes us truly “living” persons.  Finally, the suspicion may arise that, having been thus affirmed by God, we have been called by him to share in his Yes.  It is our task to further creation, to be co-creators in the Yes of love by bestowing existence upon the other in a new way – by letting the gift of being become at last a true gift.

From: Auf Christus schauen, pp. 90-91

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