Co-Workers of the Truth 6/13

Recently I had occasion to speak with a person who holds an important public office and who said to me:

The impression that people have today is that being a Christian is something irksome, a multiplicity if commands and prohibitions to which new prohibitions are added with every increase in knowledge and every new possibility that is opened to us.  Little by little, it begins to seem impossible to live all that, to bear all that.  Ultimately, faith seems to he just a burden.  But when a person has once met Christ, when a person has once seen Jesus and really learned to know him, then everything is changed.  Then everything else is comprehensible and life is renewed.  And you priests have really only one task: to present Jesus to all people in such a way that they see him and learn to love him.  Then everything that faith teaches will be self-evident.

I remember then that Saint Paul, in his Letter to the Galatians, described his activity as apostle and priest in the following words: “I depicted Christ clearly before your eyes” (cf. Gal 3:1).  Ultimately that is what the priesthood is all about: to have seen Jesus oneself, to have received with love him whom we have seen, to live in that seeing, and then to show him to others.

From Roman homilies, March 17, 1985

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