Co-Workers of the Truth 6/9

Benedict XVIIn his autobiographical reflections, the French theologian Marc Oraison relates in a thought-provoking manner how he found his way from doctor to priest.  In his struggle against sickness and death, he had many successes as a surgeon, he says, but he had come, as well, to realize the limits of medical science and its power.  He writes: “Given death, and in view of all I was unable to do, the desire grew in me to place death vis-a-vis the Resurrection, that is, to celebrate Mass.”  For him, becoming a priest did not mean bidding farewell to all he had hoped to accomplish as a doctor, but it was only in the priesthood that he saw the definitive and complete answer to death: the Ressurection.  To make present Christ’s Resurrection and our own – that can be accomplished only through the power of the priestly ministry…For that reason the innermost center of the priestly ministry is all and will always be to celebrate the Eucharist of the Lord, to ratify among us, in the Body and Blood of Jesus Christ, his death and the victory of love.  Life must henceforth be measured from and to this standard, must find its way from this center.From: Christlicher Glaube un Europa, pp. 45-46

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